Technical Writer




What the job is about

As our first Technical Writer, you will have a leading role in shaping developer experience by planning & creating user-facing technical documentation for our SDKs. This includes everything from trial journey optimization, creating helpful videos, information architecture, and writing helpful guides. You will also write or edit educational "how to" blogs that help developers build better photo & video editing applications. We're seeking someone with a strong technical foundation, astute writing ability, user empathy and a sense of curiosity to understand developer challenges.

Who we are

We enjoy building building great products that excite, empower, and connect people so they can make the world more creative and expressive. We are still a small team of around 30 people but we all together we have many years of experience creating products. Engineers, designers, sales, finance, hr, – we have all experiences on board enabling us to iterate and build things quickly.
Our flagship products include Software Development Kits for photo– and video-editing applications that are used to build custom applications by small and huge enterprises all over the globe.
As a remote-first company we work where we work best. May it be from home, in an office, or a co–working space. IMG.LY was founded in Bochum, Germany and we have an office there. We often work miles apart but still we are very close. Aside working together, we hang out remotely on a regular basis and at least once a year we'll meet in person somewhere on the globe.

How we work

  • Refining work in iterations instead of assuming it's perfect from scratch. We work in cycles in 6 weeks divided into phases of tinkering and getting things done.
  • Sharing knowledge and exchange with peers is important to us.
  • Find practical solutions and focus on the product.
  • Good architecture is understandable architecture.

Your responsibilities

  • Expand and improve our documentation
  • Optimize our trial & onboarding journey
  • Create technical content (demos, tutorials, code samples, getting started, onboarding, blogs) that show developers how to quickly build a prototype and integrate into their application
  • Develop and maintain analytics, carry out research, and engage in user testing

Your skills

  • 2 years experience creating technical documentation targeted at developers
  • 1 year experience developing software and applications. Our SDK is cross-platform so ideally you are familiar with web, mobile, server, and desktop platforms.
  • Demonstrated ability to organize, sequence, and edit understandable documentation.
  • Excellent English writing skills.
  • Experience conducting primary market research, such as surveys & interviews, and taking action based on the results.


  • Familiar with Information Architecture and UX best practices.
  • Data-driven mindset with strong analytical ability.
  • Familiar with Cristiano Betta's "7 Sins Of Developer Experience" presentation.
  • Experienced with agile and lean development methodologies.

How to apply

Get in touch
We don't need a novel as a cover letter. Sample projects are worth more than a thousand words. If you have a reference project feel free to include it with your CV.

Let's chat
The first interview with our people manager Kathi will be done with the purpose to get to know each other on a people level. This is, to set the frame for everything there is to come.

Meet the team
Our second interview will be a remote coffee with the team to get to know each other with the intention to have a general discussion. We will tell you more about us and answer your questions, but obviously, we want to learn more about you as well. What are your interests? What have you been working on lately and why?

Test the waters
In the third interview, we like to get a glimpse and see how you work and communicate. The best way for us to do this is to see you in action. You will get a small task to display your tech-writing skills. Nothing fancy, but enough to see how you approach a problem.